Are you removing unwanted hair from your body on a regular basis? If yes, then you are familiar with Ingrown Hair Removal Nanaimo. Such bumps develop when your hair becomes closed in the follicle, loops around, and begins to grow back in the skin. Moreover, ingrown hairs are filled with pus and can be painful. Most of the time, they grow in the pubic area, neck, face, and other areas of the body where you remove hair. And compared to pimples you can see the trapped hair inside of an ingrown.

If you are currently dealing with such you can take advantage of the professional ingrown hair removal Nanaimo offers. As of the moment, there are several methods used in getting in rid of ingrown hairs and one of which is laser hair removal in Nanaimo.

Laser hair removal treatment is more effective compared to picking or squeezing. Take note the latter may worsen the bumps and may result in serious infections.

If you can’t decide whether you should invest in laser hair removal to eliminate your ingrown hairs or not. Then you’re in the right place. Listed below are the top reasons why this hair removal treatment is worth every penny you will spend.

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Reasons to Consider Laser Hair Removal When Removing Ingrown Hairs

  1. Save Time

If you have a demanding, busy, and hectic schedule or lifestyle. For sure it can be very difficult for you to find time to get rid of your ingrown hairs. But if you consider a professional laser hair removal Nanaimo has today. It will leave you a long-lasting result despite your busy schedule.

Moreover, you can fit the treatment into your lunch break with ease. Since there is no needed downtime, you can go back to your work after immediately.

  1. Lesser Ingrown Hair Growth

Laser hair removal treatment gets to the root of the issue by damaging the hair follicles and targeting the pigment. Keep in mind that hair develops in various phases, however, the moment the follicle is damaged in the development stage, its life cycle is stunted, thus the hair will be removed. Meaning to say, as your treatment plan progresses, you will start to notice lesser hair growth as the days go by.

Commonly, ingrown hairs appear on body parts that have been shaved or waxed. In case you didn’t know, they are caused when the hair is broken off using a sharp tip. But with laser hair removal, patients have a lesser chance of obtaining lesser hairs since they are not waxing or shaving either. In addition to that, when hair grows back after the laser treatment, usually, hair tends to be fine and sparse. The changes in hair texture will reduce the chance of growing ingrown hairs even more.

  1. Precise

Another reason to consider laser hair removal when removing ingrown hair is that the treatment is precise. Laser hair removal will only target the pigmented area on your skin like hair follicles. That is why only follicles are burned and not the skin that surrounds the area.

  1. Cost-Effective

When you start laser hair removal, you’ll no longer need to spend money on costly and expensive hair removal methods.

Though it is quite costly up front, over your life, you will be able to save a considerable amount of money by no longer having to spend money on waxing and shaving.

  1. You Will Only Feel Minimal Discomfort

With regards to laser hair removal treatment, the pain factor will differ from person-to-person because the pain tolerance of every person is different. This hair removal treatment has been described as feeling such as gentle pinches or snaps of warm rubber bands.

In addition to that, the pain factor depends on the area of your body hair which is being treated. Keep in mind that some areas are more sensitive compared to others. Some patients even say that a certain side of the body will tend to be more sensitive than the others.

One more thing, the majority of patients agree that shaving as well as waxing are more painful compared to laser hair removal.

The above-mentioned are only a few of the many reasons to consider laser when it comes to ingrown hair removal. However, aside from investing in laser hair removal, there are ways that you do to prevent your ingrown hairs from growing. Keep on reading to learn more.

How to Prevent Ingrown Hair from Growing

  1. When Shaving, Make Sure the Shaver is Clean and Sharp

Whether you are using a shaver or razor make sure to keep it clean and sharp. If you own electric shavers make sure to wash them on a regular basis and if possible, order new parts depending on the tool you are using as well as how grizzled and steely your hair is. But if you are utilizing manual razors, you will need to change the blades or the razor itself after every 5 uses. One more thing, rinse it after every stroke to prevent ingrown hair.

  1. Perform A Warm Water Shave Using Shaving Gel or Cream

Shaving gel and cream can actually help in preventing ingrown hairs. When shaving, avoid foam products since it will dry you out. If you are sculpting around facial hair, make sure to use a clear gel.

  1. Do Not Shave Too Close

A manual razor does a lot of damage particularly if you press hard. If you want to achieve a shave that feels and looks close without exterminating your skin, you can try electric shavers. But these wont give you permanent hair removal.

Such shavers come with a cover over the blade that will keep it from going close enough to cut and irritate the skin, protecting you from nicks. This will also help in preventing ingrown hairs.


Ingrown hairs can be very irritating and painful. So, if you want to get rid of these stubborn hairs look for a service provider that offers quality laser hair removal in Nanaimo. However, if you can’t decide which one should you hire then you can never go wrong with Nanaimo laser hair removal.

This service provider uses advanced technology and it has years of experience in this field. Learn more about this provider by visiting its official website at NanaimoLaser.com.

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