Nanaimo Laser Hair Removal: What Are the Important Things That You Need to Know Before Getting It?

If you have decided to avoid painful waxing, shaving, and plucking? Then  Nanaimo laser hair removal is worth considering.

This treatment can offer a lot of benefits such as it will leave your skin softer than before. It doesn’t leave painful side effects and scars.

Because of such benefits, many people consider getting laser hair removal without even knowing what exactly this treatment is. Though it actually promises great results doing a research beforehand is highly recommended.

However, if don’t have time to research, then we’ve got your back. In today’s article, we will reveal the important things that you need to know before getting laser hair removal in Nanaimo for a hassle-free process and excellent results.


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Things You Need to Know Before Getting A Nanaimo Laser Hair Removal

  1. Before Your Appointment, You Need to Stay Out of the Sun

To avoid problems, it best that you stay out of the sun for four weeks before getting professional laser hair removal. Keep in mind that, if you have a tan or if you are sunburned, you cannot receive this kind of treatment.

In addition to that, if you love going outdoors, summer may not be the best season to get laser hair removal. For best results and to guarantee a skin that is subtle-free by summer start your treatment in the winter or fall.

  1. Shave Before Your Appointment

If you are hairy, make sure to shave it before going to your appointment. Bear in mind that it is not similar to waxing. What’s more, you do not have grown stubborn hair ahead of time.

That being said, you cannot get laser hair removal if you have recently had a wax. For your information, lasers target the pigments of the hair follicle and in fact, the follicle needs to be there for the treatment to work. For Facial Hair removal Nanaimo Laser can stop those annoying waxes and threading and you can have permanent results in no time.

So, to prepare yourself, shave the day before your schedule. Remember, if you come hairy, your doctor will give you a razor to get rid of the unwanted hair which is not a good idea if have a busy schedule.

  1. The Hair May Grow Again

If you want to see results, you will need to undergo several laser hair removal treatments. For permanent hair removal Nanaimo Laser knows that our hair grows in a cycle consisting of three phases: growth, transitional, and resting.

When it comes to hair follicles that are in the growth stage, laser hair removal is proven effective. And this is the main reason why several treatments are necessary. Actually, for permanent hair reduction, you will need to spaced out 4 to 6 weeks apart.

Additionally, it is also crucial that you strictly stick to your appointments to obtain the best results possible. However, it is worth mentioning that not all patients are the same. For Body hair removal Nanaimo Laser provides the treatment plan that suits you. It will greatly depend on the area that needs to be treated The coarseness and color of your hair, and even your skin tone.

Nevertheless, one of the best ways to find out how this treatment work is to consult a professional who can make customized treatment plans for your needs.

  1. Expect an Adjustment in Your Skin Care Routine

If you are planning to treat your underarms, you will need to ditch perfumed products such as deodorants. On facial parts treated by Nanaimo laser hair removal, you will need to avoid acne treatments and topical creams.

However, for the following sessions, you can still nurture your skin using calming creams and soothing moisturizers. It is also a good practice to apply lotions or sunscreens that have SPF 30 or higher to protect your skin from sun damage.

Last but not least, you should also avoid hot tubs, hot showers, and saunas at least a day after your final treatment.

  1. You Are Not Allowed to Visit the Gym After Getting the Treatment

It is worth noting that the heat coming from the laser will stay in the skin for about 24 hours. So, in addition to saunas and hot showers, you are not also allowed to go to the gym. Because if you’re stubborn and do it, you may end having spots and bacteria will live in your skin comfortably.

  1. During Your First Appointment, Your Doctor Will Test Your Skin

Unfortunately, not everybody’s skin reacts to cosmetic laser treatments well. Scarring, pigment problems, as well as discoloration, may take place with some types of skin. That is why if the doctor said that he/she will conduct a test patch during your first appointment, don’t hesitate and consider it. After all, it is for your own good.

  1. Effective and Safe

For some, the idea of utilizing lasers on the skin may seem frightening, but the truth is, this treatment is completely safe unless it is handled by an inexperienced person. Qualified professionals will check your skin ahead of time to ensure if the treatment is suitable for you. Furthermore, they are also checking for anomalies such as skin tags, moles, and scars.

Nevertheless, laser hair removal in Nanaimo is a long-lasting and most importantly, effective way to get hair-free and smooth skin.

  1. Not All Kinds of Lasers Will Suit You

Laser hair removal devices don’t work on all hair colors and skin types. If you have coarse hair, dark and pale skin, you have nothing to worry about. If you have a darker complexion, you will need to seek treatment from a service provider using diode laser treatment devices that are safe for all skin tones.


We cannot deny the fact that laser hair removal is beneficial. However, if you want to make the most out of this treatment it is important that you do a research ahead of time. And if you understand how does it work, the do’s and don’ts, and other crucial details then it is time to look for a provider who can carry out the treatment carefully.

Today, you will be able to see a lots of laser hair removal clinics out there. Which makes choosing the best one a difficult job. If you want to make sure that you will end up in good hands, Nanaimo laser hair removal can help you.  This provider specializes in laser hair removal and using the latest technology to satisfy the needs of every patient.

For more information about this laser hair removal in Nanaimo, you can visit NanaimoLaser.com today.

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