Pre & Post Treatment


A few general rules to follow in the time leading up to your appointment will help guarantee you receive the best treatment results and minimize the risk of any side effects.

* SHAVE the treatment area at least 4 to 12 hours prior to treatment.  The most important step in preparing for your treatment is doing a thorough shave on the area that will be treated during your appointment. In order to target the root effectively you need to ensure no hair is visible on the skin. 

* NO waxing, tweezing, threading, depilatories, etc.  SHAVING is the only method allowed for hair removal before and in between appointments.  

* Makeup, lotions or deodorants  MUST be removed prior to treatment.

* NO TANNING Skin must be in it’s natural colour in order to provide safe and effective treatments.  Deliberate tanning is absolutely contraindicated at anytime during treatment.  Direct sunlight should be avoided for at least 5 days prior to treatment.

* SUNLESS TANNERS are a safe alternative but must be thoroughly exfoliated off prior to each treatment.  The laser sees colour and cannot distinguish between a real or fake tan.  It is advisable to stop use of the sunless tanners/bronzers etc. for at least one week prior to treatment.  

* MUST BE OFF ANTIBIOTICS 10 days prior to treatment.  Please let us know of any change in health status or medications prior to each treatment, including use of OTC medications and supplements. 

* While these tips are standard in Laser hair removal procedures, always make sure to follow the specific guidelines laid out for you by your practitioner.

*The treatment itself is quick and virtually painless.  Our modern laser technology incorporates cooling systems that helps to minimize discomfort while also ensuring that the skin tissue surrounding the treatment area is unharmed. Therefore you won’t feel much discomfort. At most, you’ll feel a gentle heating of the area. If need be you will be given the option to have certain areas iced.



To ensure that your laser hair removal treatment is effective it’s important to take a few additional steps after the procedure.

* Sun exposure should be kept at the bare minimum until skin tone returns to normal.  You will be most sun sensitive 48-72 hours after treatment.  Sunblock of at least 30 SPF must be used after treatment and during course of treatment.

* NO TANNING during treatments. Treatment areas must be protected with sunblock and or clothing.

* No tweezing, waxing, bleaching or depilatories.  Hair will begin to shed around 2 weeks post treatment.  You may shave, exfoliate, or use a washcloth to help shedding process 10 days after treatment.

* Wait 24hours or until all irritation has resolved to reapply deodorant, makeup, lotions etc.  Redness may last 2hours to a couple days depending on area treated and your individual skin type.

* Avoid hot tubs, saunas and swimming pools for 24hours after treatment.

* You may experience some swelling, redness, itchiness after treatment. Physical irritants (like scrubbing, scratching or performing additional hair removal) need to be avoided.

* Skin should return to a normal look and feel within a few days and results will become noticeable somewhere between 5 to 20 days after treatment. This depends on how many treatments have been performed up to date. 

* Follow-up treatments are necessary in order to achieve full hair removal  because our hair grows in 3 different cycles and the laser needs to target all 3 growth cycles for permanent hair removal.

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