What Are the Different Types of Permanent Hair Removal Nanaimo Offers Today?

The number of people who want to consider permanent hair removal Nanaimo has today is getting higher and higher. Today, there are different kinds of permanent hair removal that are readily accessible in the majority of clinics in Nanaimo.

Permanent hair removal methods have lots of differences. Some are more painful compared to others. While some have higher success rates at keeping unwanted hair completely than other types.

If you want to learn more about these methods then keep on reading. This article until the end you can easily determine which permanent hair removal Nanaimo offers will suit you the most.

Without further ado, let’s get started!


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Different Types of Permanent Hair Removal Nanaimo Offers

  • Intense Pulsed Light

This permanent hair removal works like the hair laser removal that we will be discussing later on. but IPL utilized higher wavelengths in order to kill as well as target hair roots. However, if you want to reduce hair growth effectively you will need to complete the number of sessions needed. We offer Facial Hair removal Nanaimo that can stop those annoying waxes and threading and you can have permanent results in no time.

A lower dosage of intense pulsed light will constantly shoot deep into the hair follicles. That will get absorbed by hair papilla pigments. This will then shrink and decompose every hair before it erupts, notably hindering hair development.

Intense Pulsed Light, on the other hand, is more painful compared to lasers. This is according to some patients who have undergone the treatment.

Some clinics have made a distinct cooling system built in their IPL hair removal handset. This promptly makes numbing sensations together with the light therapy to make sure patients feel no or minimal pain during the treatment.

When it comes to the needed sessions. It will greatly depend on the size of the target part and the thickness of your hair.

For example, your armpits may take around six sessions. For bikini lines usually, it will take up to eight sessions.

Nevertheless, for the first session, you can expect significantly reduced hair growth.

  • Electrolysis

Electrolysis, in case you didn’t know. Progressive treatment that can help in getting rid of unwanted and stubborn hair permanently.

Additionally, it is a quick form of permanent hair removal. Treatments offering small pulses of current as tiny as 1-thousandth of a second in length straightly to the skin in order to target hair follicle before they can grow. One of the best things about this professional hair removal is that it effectively works on any part of the body.

Typically, sessions for electrolysis take around 45 minutes depending on the size of the area being treated. However, a touch-up session can be as fast as 15 to 20 minutes when performed correctly.

Since it works on all colors of hair, electrolysis could be a great solution. However, this permanent hair removal is painful, but fortunately, but bearable.

Nonetheless, your medical specialist works at a pace that will suit you as well as the pain outset.

  • Laser Hair Removal

This is actually the most well-known and popular permanent body hair removal Nanaimo offers at the moment.

Lasers greatly work for pale-skinned people with darker hair who want to lessen the unwanted and stubborn hair on the bikini line, armpits, and upper lip. However, it is worth mentioning that laser hair removal can be used in other parts of the body as well.

To accomplish complete eradication of hair, laser removal typically takes four to six sessions, but it could require less or more depending on the situation. Such sessions, on the other hand, should be spaced at one month to 6 weeks apart thus a complete treatment may last for a year, this is crucial if you want to see excellent results.

Another great thing about laser hair removal is that it is painless. As a matter of fact, it feels like a rubber band snapping at your skin. The majority of patients said that they experience considerable hair reduction and they are satisfied with the results.

Which One Should You Choose?

As you can see the different permanent hair removal Nanaimo has to offer have their own benefits. However, if you can’t still decide which one should you choose, then you may want to consider laser hair removal.

This type of permanent hair removal will give back your free time as well as the time you are not dealing with unwanted and stubborn hair.

Whether you want to get rid of your facial hair and restore confidence or you are tired of shaving, threading, or waxing, laser hair removal is perhaps the best solution you are looking for. And if you can remember, we have mentioned above that it is not painful and works on almost any type of skin and hair. One more thing, it is a long-term hair removal solution.

Though it is pretty expensive since you will need to undergo several sessions laser hair removal is actually a worthy investment because of the benefits it offers.

Looking for Laser Hair Removal in Nanaimo?

Have you finally decided to opt for laser hair removal Nanaimo offers? If yes, then VIP laser hair removal can surely help you.

When it comes to expertise, VIP laser hair removal will not disappoint you. All the laser technology they are using is innovative and safe. Thus, you can be certain that all your unwanted hair will be eliminated safely.

In addition to that, all workers are licensed and qualified to do the job which is crucial when planning to get any kind of service.

Choose VIP laser hair removal is that all their services are available at reasonable and competitive prices considering the quality of the offered services.

If you are still hesitant to work with VIP laser hair removal you can read some online reviews. Believe it or not, this service provider is getting a lot of positive feedback as well as recommendations.

But if you think that this laser hair removal can greatly help you, you can visit its website at NanaimoLaser.com for more information.

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